I Had a Unique Idea...

While I was an engineering student many years ago I had a unique idea...small bulldozers for the do-it-yourselfers. That idea has now seen over 46 years of constant production & improvement. There have been many models and products over those 46 years, but I think you’ll find the products we manufacture today are without a doubt better built, and better designed than anything we have ever done. Our MAGNATRAC MH8000 boasts the most horsepower we have ever produced, coupled with a sophisticated framing system that is precisely and efficiently robotically welded, give you the size, power and versatility you need. Our D-I-Y Kit projects are strong, well-engineered designs and the assembly manuals take you step by step through the assembly process with ease. Finally our rugged attachments and accessories are perfectly matched to your product needs. So whether you need the power, size and versatility of our MAGNATRACS or just have the D-I-Y itch for a project, rest assured. STRUCK has a power solution for you!


Charles “Charlie” Struck
C.F. Struck Corporation

The Struck Corporation is a Wisconsin based, midwest USA manufacturing company. Since 1959, we've built hard-working equipment for do-it-yourselfers. Our flagship is the MAGNATRAC® Compact Crawler - true dozer power sized and priced for homeowners.