Made in America Sale!
Get HUGE Discounts, FREE Attachments, plus 0% Financing!

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Homeowner Jobs are Easier than Ever Before!
The NEW HL295 Loader for the MAGNATRAC RS1000 is powerful, efficient, versatile and easy to use. Best of's on SALE NOW!

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Homesteader, Farmer and Light Commercial Dream Machine
Buy a MAGNATRAC MH8000 before the DEADLINE and Get a FREE Loader or Six-Way Blade! 1 FREE Loader or 6-Way Blade per each MH8000 purchased.

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Experience the Pride in Building Your Own Bulldozer
Order a RS196K Bulldozer Kit with a Manual Front Hitch & Bulldozer Blade and Get a FREE Bucket Mouth!

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Build Your Very own Amphibious Off Road Truck
Built for Work, this Unique Vehicle is Perfect for Off Road, Camping, Fishing & Parades. Don't Miss the Video!

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Read the Latest Customer Stories & Reviews
See equipment reviews, customer testimonials, technical support answers and more in our blog.

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The Struck Corporation is a Wisconsin based, midwest USA manufacturing company. Since 1959, we've built hard-working equipment for do-it-yourselfers. Our flagship is the MAGNATRAC® Compact Crawler - true dozer power sized and priced for homeowners.

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