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The RS196K is the New “Younger Brother” of our super-successful RS1000. It shares almost all the rugged features of the RS1000, except you do the painting and Assembly ....and Save a Bundle! Wheeled vehicles spin in slippery conditions, but tracks GRIP! That gives you unbeatable performance to push or pull “challenging” loads. And the tracks’ big surface area gives you excellent “flotation” -- you can cross muddy, mucky, uneven ground without sinking in. It’ll skid logs, pull equipment out of ditches, tow compact trailers and wagons, mow fields & till gardens with tow behind equipment, landscape lawns, grade and repair driveways, doze snow, gravel. Works in tight spots and fits into the bed of a mid-size pickup truck. Lift loads with optional bucket mouth, move boulders and more! 


*Package #K40 includes Manual Front Hitch, Bulldozer Blade, & FREE Bucket Mouth, (not shown). Other packages available. Does not include shipping costs or sales tax if applicable. 


See How Easy Kit Assembly Can Really Be!

  • If you know the difference between a phillips and a flat screwdriver, you can successfully build this hard-working mini bulldozer. You’ll need only basic D-I-Y tools like socket wrenches, allen wrenches, tape measure, etc. If you’re an intermediate or advanced DI-Y guy, you’ll still find it plenty engaging. After all, you’ve never built a genuine bulldozer before... have you?
  • With the Manual you’ll also receive a FREE DVD showing the RS196K in action and see what it can do for you! You’ll see the MAGNATRAC® RS196K and many of its attachments in action! $50 Bonus Refund Certificate is also included. Use it as “cash” when purchasing $50 or more of RS196K KITS or Accessories!
  • Buy your Magnatrac RS196K KIT Assembly Manual TODAY! You’ll quickly see we’ve put together instructional material in extraordinary detail. Our Assembly Manual gives you all the pictures, directions, and info you need to build your own mini bulldozer. Best of all get FREE Priority Mail Shipping!**


 **Free Shipping applies to the RS196K-MANUAL within the United States only.



Options include rubber or steel bolt on track shoe, bucket mouth, angling blade, box scraper, drawbar, log crane, winch, 2 in. receiver hitch, sleeve hitch, rippers, rake, mud scrapers and many more. With the use of our rear sleeve hitch system you can pull other third party attachments like mowers, wagons, cargo carriers, trailers, boats etc.. Manual attachments only. (No hydraulics). (Call the factory for details)



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Nomenclature KIT - Home assembled, Steel track Crawler
Body All-Steel, factory-fabricated panels and weldments in easy to assemble kit Form... unpainted
Engine Briggs & Stratton 1150 Series, 250cc displacement, 11.50 Gross Torque, recoil start EPA/CARB 50 state compliant, consumer 2 year warranty
Brakes Lever activated caliper, single 8” disc produces 1,619 foot pounds torque; Lever operated; secured parking “Lock”.
Track Dual #557 Track Chains [each track Chain rated 1,500 lbs. pull]
Rated Pull at Track 1,000 lbs. [pull at track Shoes with 250cc Engine]
Weight 575 lbs. Weight represents the average “basic” RS196K without operator or load.
Maximum Grade 26% [maximum recommended inclination]
Seating Capacity One [1] operator
Underside Body Clearance 5.5 in. [measured with optional Grouser Shoe kit mounted].
Overall Height 38-1/4 in. [top of track Control Levers; optional Grouser Shoe kit mounted].
Overall Width 41 in.
Overall Length 51 in.
Wheelbase 30-1/2 in.
Speed 0 - 3.15 MPH [forward and reverse]
Engine to Track ratio 51.8 to 1
Track Axle Diameter 1-3/16 in. [Front and rear Axles]
Metal Finish Unpainted, rust preventative oil coating
Machine Warranty: 1 year residential

Third Party Attachments

Many other companies make "garden type" implements/attachments that make the MAGNATRAC RS196K even more versatile. Please speak with a Struck Representative to verify specs on specific third party attachments will be compatible with our equipment.

The Struck Corporation is a Wisconsin based, midwest USA manufacturing company. Since 1959, we've built hard-working equipment for do-it-yourselfers. Our flagship is the MAGNATRAC® Compact Crawler - true dozer power sized and priced for homeowners.

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